Coastal Angels

I never miss a Coastal Angels Cleanup 🙂

Coastal Angels Rocks!

Coastal Angels has been an incredibly positive force in the community ever since we started back in 2015. Not only only am I proud of the work we do to help keep the ocean healthy and OC’s beaches pristine, but the community involvement has been spectacular as well!

Every month we get volunteers from the local colleges & high schools, community members, and the wonderful local residents as well to come out for our monthly beach cleanups! I think getting people out there looking for trash really opens their eyes to the issue of pollution and just how prevalent it is.

What’s My Role?

Well, in addition to serving as the organization’s (volunteer)Executive Director, I am also one of the main sponsors along with Ursula’s Wrath. This means that with every sale I make, a certain portion of my commission will be donated to Coastal Angels and help keep the beaches here in Orange County healthy and clean.

Who is Coastal Angels & What Exactly Do They Do?


“Protecting California’s beaches and marine life, voluntarily, from plastics and other pollutants.”

-Coastal Angels Mission Statement

Coastal Angels was created in March of 2015 by Jacque Winberg. She became aware of plastic pollution on Southern California’s beaches and was also inspired by a documentary titled, Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. She decided that hosting beach cleanups in Orange County with her friends and family would be a good foundation. Jacque believed that she could spare three hours of her life every month to protecting marine life, the public, and our beaches from plastic and other harmful pollutants. On April 15, 2015 she rallied her friends and family together and hosted a beach cleanup at Newport Beach, 45th street. Since then, Coastal Angels helped cleanup Huntington and Bolsa Chica State Beaches.

Supreme dedication, undeniable motivation, and a ton of positive vibes from social media is what has brought us here today. We am continuously motivated by our results; at every cleanup we conduct surveys and weigh trash. During the months of January – July 2016, Coastal Angels volunteers picked up 391 lbs of trash consisting of: 1,298 bottle caps, 717 cigarette butts, and 235 plastic bottles. The feedback from our surveys help us analyze and modify our efforts to fighting plastic pollution.

We could not be Coastal Angels without our volunteers who donate their time, energy, and service to fighting plastic pollution. Our volunteers have come as far as Victorville and range from individuals and families to student groups. The feedback we receive on social media is unparalleled to anything we have ever experienced. We receive messages and encouraging comments from people all over the world who are championing our progress and supporting the fight against plastic pollution.​

The most important thing about this cause is creating a hands-on learning experience for our community. When they participate in a beach cleanup, it can bring back a memory or even inspire a change in behavior. We want to see cleaner beaches and a society made of responsible people. Every beach cleanup helps us spread awareness of the plastics and other pollutants plaguing our beaches that cause harm to people and marine life. We are so thankful for everyone who keeps returning and showing their dedication as well. We have built life long memories with each other and solidified our friendships. Coastal Angels wants to keep this going and welcome newcomers into our community of like-minded people.

Our goal aims to show people that change happens when you push forward with an idea that challenges other ways of thinking. We hope that our strength and communication efforts will help others see what we see: the most beautiful beaches in the world plagued by plastic pollution and that we need to do something about it. This is important because we are dealing with a major environmental issue. Dirty beaches lead to unsafe environments. Coastal Angels beach cleanups reduce the amount of plastic by picking it up and also taking about it to our friends and family. What you do here with Coastal Angels does impact the entire world with positive influence. Together, we as a community can raise awareness, challenge behaviors, and change the present for a safer future.