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Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

The real estate business has changed with the times. In a world where everyone is digitally connected to everyone and everything else, you really need to know what to do to stand out.

When it comes to selling your house, you need more than a real estate agent. You need an expert real estate marketer that knows how to get the maximum amount of exposure for your home, more offers, and the highest possible price. I am that expert!

My approach to marketing a home is all about being laser-focused on what makes your home different, and matching that up with the buyers that are looking for exactly those features/characteristics/details. Then, we leverage the power of targeted internet advertising to reach massive exposure. Learn more about online marketing for real estate here.

3D Showcase

A 3D rendering of your home can be an incredibly effective way to get buyers interested in coming to see it. The fully immersive experience allows buyers to take a virtual 360° tour of your home online. This is especially helpful for higher end properties where the lifestyle and "feel" of a home is going to be a big factor in a buyers decision.

It's immersive, fun, and cutting-edge. People just can't help but click on it! This is why it is such a great tool for driving traffic to your home's custom website and attracting the attention of potential buyers.

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Custom Website for Your Home

One tactic that helps us tell the unique story of your home is building a unique website for it. We use your address as a URL and direct web traffic to your home's custom page through online advertising. With a sleek design, google maps integration, and even an appointment scheduling feature, we'll make it as easy and seamless as possible for potential buyers to learn more about your home and fall in love with it.

Always Be Ready to Show

First Impressions are very important when selling your home. If a buyer's first impression is positive, it sheds a positive light over everything else about your home. All of the sudden, the smaller defects and repairs start to look and feel even smaller, and falling in love with house becomes easier.

Weekly Cleaning Service

As part of my listing package I will hire a cleaning service to come by your home every week. This way we can insure that the house is always looking it's best to potential buyers.


I've been inside hundreds of homes listed for sale. I will tell you exactly how we should stage your home in order to make maximum use of it's space.

Comparative Market Analysis

Conducting a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA as we call it in the Real Estate Biz, is the first step when it comes to marketing your home. A CMA is a survey of the active listings, sold homes, and expired listings (homes that failed to sell) in your area. With this information we can come up with a pretty accurate determination of what homes like yours are selling for.

But this is only a First Step. The next step is to adjust this figure up or down depending on the specific features, characteristics, and condition of your home relative to the competition.