Just a Nutty Thing That Happened…

I couldn’t believe what had just happened!

A few days ago I had just finished showing my new clients some homes. We had just finished our last stop of the day and were standing out on the sidewalk in front of the home talking about the pros and cons of everything we had just seen.

It was just about the time school was getting out, and there were a lot more cars and pedestrians on this street than one would expect. There was a group of high school girls walking by. Just as the buyers-to-be were telling me that the neighborhood was just a little too busy for their taste, these girls started FIGHTING each other…

The Fight

There was some yelling (I didn’t catch what they were saying), a scuffle, some name calling, and then, all of the sudden, they just kind of went their separate ways. It lasted all of about 5 or 6 seconds…

It was pretty quick, but I think one of them got an Arizona Iced Tea can smashed on her. Tea got all over the girl, my freshly washed car, and my shirt. I don’t remember what I said, something along the lines of “Wow, wow, calm down,” or “Wow, hey, that’s my car.” Nothing particularly substantial, I just remember that they completely ignored me as they left without acknowledging us. It was really weird and awkward.


The girls didn’t look hurt, so we just let it go. Mostly I was just upset about the mess they left all over my car… right in front of me… and then didn’t even respond to me as they scurried off. Needless to say, we ultimately decided this neighborhood was NOT a good match.




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