Lease With a Purchase Option Program

What is the Lease Option?

There are many different kinds of lease options. In the past, most of these agreements were negotiated and set up on a one-by-one basis between buyers, sellers, and their agents.

Now, however, by partnering with real estate investors we can offer a standard leas with a purchase option program to anyone. Watch the video below to learn more about how the program works. To learn more about Lease Options in general, you can find more info in this article all about lease options.

Here’s How the Program Works

  1. Fill Out The Form Below – When you submit the form, we will email you a secure link so that you can fill out the application.
  2. Submit an Application Through The Secure Portal – The application process involves collecting the same info you would expect for any lease application: Income, employment, credit, etc.
  3. Get Approved – Once your application is processed, you will be notified of how much monthly rent you have been approved for.
  4. Go House Hunting –  The only thing left to do is find a home that meets your criteria and is within your budget.


Apply for the Program Today!