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All About Rossmoor

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Rossmoor History

The Rossmoor community has a rich and unique story. From sugar beats to annexation controversy, it's been quite the journey.

The Community

Rossmoor has a thriving and tight-knit community. Public services, a library, schools and parks are just the beginning for this picturesque town.

Rossmoor Real Estate Market

Rossmoor is an exclusive residential community that consists of about 3,430 single family homes. Numerous great schools, parks, community events, and an excellent services department make Rossmoor a highly sought-after community to raise a family in.

In 2016, 114 of the homes in Rossmoor were sold.

This means that the resident turnover rate in Rossmoor is roughly 3.3%. Orange County overall has a turnover rate closer to 2%. Also, the median number of days on market (how long it took for a house to sell) was 63 days, just over 2 months.

Taking this data into account along with the fact that the average sales price in Rossmoor is over $1 million, there is no question that the Rossmoor market is thriving.


Rossmoor Real Estate Digest

Fun Fact About Homes in Rossmoor

The last homes in Rossmoor were finished in 1962. However, after decades of a thriving real estate market and remodeling by residents, almost NONE of the homes exist in their original form.

Below you can see the floor plans of the original development, but you would be hard-pressed to find a house in Rossmoor that still has one of these layouts.

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