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Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!

Financing is one of the big challenges many people face when buying a house. Many lenders have stringent requirements on income documentation, credit, and debt ratios, and borrowers don't always fit in perfectly with those requirements. Thankfully, not every lender is created equal!

We maintain relationships with several different lenders, and we know there rules and guidelines inside and out. After decades of experience, we have become really good and determining which lenders will be the best fit for each borrower we meet. 

Let's find out if we can help you!

Ultra-Competative Pricing

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a mortgage. Interest rates, fees, terms and pricing will all vary from one lender to the next. However, the most competitive lender on one loan program may be the least competitive on another.

We will help you determine what the most important factors are for your specific situation, and then help you find the very best deal that is a perfect fit.

Top Notch Service

The process of applying for and obtaining a mortgage can be a daunting one, and lenders require a lot of personal information from every borrower. That's why we promise to address your every concern you may have and do everything we can to insure that your transaction moves along as smooth as possible.

Robert Winberg (Sr.)

- Mortgage Broker NMLS #211043

Yes, Rob Winberg is my father, and his experience in the mortgage business is undeniable. We have an incredible working relationship and there is no one I recommend more when it comes to anything mortgage related. He handles all of the mortgage related inquires that come to the OC Real Estate Guy. 

After more than 30 years in this business there is simply no financing challenge he doesn't know how to tackle. He's honest, hard-working, and  sharp as a tack... just like me!

Rob Winberg - NMLS# 211043